585 Arts will be a catalyst for change, drawing patrons from near and far to the area.

Connie Chin, Executive Director, Global Arts Live

Global Arts Live is bringing its 30-years of experience to lead 585 Arts, a non-profit dedicated to operating and programming the expansive arts and performance spaces that are featured in BioMed Realty’s new building planned for 585 Third Street.   

Global Arts Live, which has pledged to raise $15 Million operating funds for the new 585 Arts entity, will be an anchor tenant at the 585 Third Street theater upon completion, which is expected in 2025. 

The KSA sat down with Connie Chin, Executive Director at Global Arts Live to discuss their mission and the cultural programming that 585 Arts will bring to our community. Read what she had to say. 

Tell us about Global Arts Live events.

For more than 30 years, Global Arts Live has put a spotlight on exceptional artists who reflect the diverse and vibrant community that is Boston—transcending borders, cultivating community and enriching lives. Throughout the pandemic, Global Arts Live presented free virtual concerts and programming to keep the arts alive when everyone was home. Since returning to live programming in late 2021, Global Arts Live has presented 48 unique concerts featuring artists representing 22 countries including Brazil, India, Mali and Ukraine. Global Arts Live continues to expand its family of artists from all over the world. 

Tell us about your residency in the greatly anticipated 585 Third Street building.

Global Arts Live is excited to launch and operate 585 Arts, a new performing arts center located in the first three floors of the 16 story lab/office space at 585 Kendall Street. BioMed Realty, the building’s developer, selected Global Arts Live to serve as a nonprofit partner based on our reputation for presenting an array of culturally diverse performances throughout Greater Boston for more than three decades. Global Arts Live will anchor the programming at 585 Arts, offering 100 nights of culturally diverse music and dance in the state-of-the-art performance center which features a 400-seat main theater, 125-seat informal stage and rehearsal studio. 

585 Arts is designed with accessibility in mind, offering both subsidized and free rentals to local artists, arts organizations, community groups and nonprofits. The vision for the center is more than a space where art can be developed and performed, but a place for the community to gather, whether it’s to work, to celebrate or to share in a creative experience. 

What do you want Kendall employees to know about your organization?

As we continue to develop the programming of 585 arts, we hope to engage with the local workforce and residents to learn more about their varied interest in arts and culture experiences and what opportunities they’d like to see.  

Research from Americans for the Arts shows that “the arts, unlike most industries, leverage a significant amount of event-related spending by their audiences.” Local restaurants, shops and service companies will benefit from the vibrant, culturally diverse programming of 585 Arts. 

In addition to the economic benefits, 585 Arts will improve the health and well-being of those who engage. According to the World Health Organization, the arts not only forge social bonds but improve teamwork and communication, increase capacity for empathy and aid in managing illness and mental health by reducing stress and helping process difficult emotions leading to a healthier, more collaborative workforce. 

585 Arts will open in the spring of 2026, but in the meantime, we hope that Kendall employees will take advantage of the opportunity to experience concerts from Global Arts Live to get a taste of what will be coming to Kendall Square. Our concerts take place at a number of venues throughout Boston, Cambridge, and Somerville – check out the lineup at globalartslive.org