Cullinan Oncology is on a mission to positively impact the lives of patients with cancer and their families. Their work reflects an intrinsic commitment to scientific innovation and purposeful action with urgency.

Cullinan Oncology is advancing a growing portfolio of innovative, early-stage clinical therapeutic assets by capitalizing on the latest scientific breakthroughs. They combine a unique portfolio model with innovative sourcing techniques and drug development expertise to discover and advance candidates for potentially transformative oncology drugs.

Tell us about life at the Cullinan Oncology right now.

Life at Cullinan Oncology is exciting and we have a lot to look forward to this year and beyond! As a small biotechnology company with a diverse and robust pipeline, our teams work together closely so that we can make informed and efficient decisions. We have a strong company culture that empowers everyone to act decisively and bring their best ideas to the table. Our work is driven by our values, and our core value is to improve the lives of patients and their families. Every day, we work towards that goal through our scientific research and commitment as a company to pursue the most compelling science. We have also created a culture of care in our offices through community service events and activities that allow our employees to connect with each other and have fun through things like monthly socials and volunteering. We want to go beyond the science when it comes to care for patients, their families, our employees, and our stakeholders. Currently, we have three assets in the clinic and two more entering this year, as well as a number of exciting milestones upcoming over the next few years. Our team is motivated by all of the inspiring and important work that we are doing and knowing the impact of our scientific research will have on patient lives.

With eight targeted oncology programs in your pipeline, what energizes and inspires your team most?

We are driven by our mission to create new standards of care for patients with cancer, with much of our pipeline focused on assets that will address unmet needs in the oncology space. Collaboration is at the core of what we do, and our team’s broad range of skills and perspectives mean that team members collaborate and innovate across programs by sharing their expertise and learnings throughout pipeline development.  Most importantly, we are inspired by patients like Paul, who shared his story with us on what enrolling in a Cullinan clinical trial has meant to him and his family. Listening to compelling stories from patients, such as Paul, remind us of how we are impacting people through our science, and the importance of our mission and values.

Why is Kendall Square still such a valuable location for a life science innovator like Cullinan Oncology?

Being in Kendall Square means that our growing team is part of local wellspring of innovation and scientific resources. Our surrounding environment stimulates and supports our endeavors, especially our mission to create new standards of care for patients with cancer. In our new expanded office space, we have dedicated space for innovation and collaboration, and we look forward to contributing to our community through our partnership with KSA.