MBTA General Manager Phillip Eng (Photo by Pat Greenhouse/Globe Staff)

Eng, a seasoned engineer, recently joined KSA’s board of directors meeting to share his problem-solving approach and the agency’s key strategies for the future of our regional transportation system. 

Innovative Solutions for Infrastructure Challenges:

Eng discussed the challenges that the MBTA faces, as one of the oldest public transportation systems in the nation, and the importance of embracing innovation and redefining planning processes to address infrastructure challenges to ensure efficient operation. The MBTA’s strategic vision includes lifting speed restrictions, doing necessary maintenance, and fixing issues individually.

Reputation Building and Workforce Enhancement:

It’s crucial for the MBTA to have a positive reputation, coupled with a well-trained and competitive workforce, to attract industry partnerships, contractors, and employees and to deliver high-quality transportation services. This work has resulted in an uptick in people wanting to work with the MBTA; contractors are competitively bidding on projects, and in 2023, the MBTA hired some 1,500 new employees. Governor Healey has allocated $20 million to the FY2025 budget for accelerated hiring, and the MBTA is streamlining its hiring processes and enhancing training to create the skilled workforce needed to transform our transportation system. 

Positioning for the Future:

With sustainable revenue, optimal infrastructure investment, a strong supply chain that embraces innovation and new technology, and continued commitment to building a state-of-good repair across the system, the MBTA is better positioned for success. Here at the KSA, we have increasing confidence that faster, safer, and more reliable service is coming soon.


On January 29, the MBTA’s Green Line track work, completed ahead of schedule, and removed 17 safety-related speed restrictions, improving reliability and safety with extensive enhancements and upgrades during the shutdown. 

We are optimistic that the Red Line track improvement happening between February 5 and 14 will yield similar results.