Meet Taneshia Camillo-Sheffey, the dynamic Founder and CEO of The Haute House brands and MadeINcubator, a groundbreaking Massachusetts-based nonprofit organization revolutionizing the fashion industry in Boston. Taneshia’s multifaceted roles as a leader in entrepreneurship, education, mentorship, networking, and fashion advocacy position her at the forefront of creating a more sustainable fashion ecosystem in the greater Boston area.

Taneshia’s initiatives, including the famous “Business of Fashion” workshops and the innovative fashion incubator MadeINcubator, redefine how designers learn, build, and succeed in the industry. Her passion is evident in her efforts to address the unequal distribution of opportunities in Boston’s fashion landscape, creating a supportive environment for creatives to thrive. In this KSA interview, Taneshia shares insights into her mission, the impact of MadeINcubator, and her role in shaping Boston’s fashion narrative with the return of Lab Week Boston.

What inspired the creation of Living Art Boston (LAB) Week, and what is the overarching vision for this event regarding its impact on Boston’s creative economy?
I am pleased to share with you the inspiration behind the creation of Living Art Boston (LAB) Week. The vision for LAB Week is to celebrate and showcase the vibrant and diverse creative community in Boston. This project was inspired by the desire to provide a platform for local artists, business leaders, artisans, and creators to come together and share their work with a broader audience. Our overarching vision for LAB Week is to promote and support Boston’s artistic talent and contribute to the city’s creative economy. We aim to attract visitors and investment in the local arts and culture sector by highlighting our community’s rich artistic heritage and cultural diversity. Additionally, LAB Week aims to foster collaboration and networking opportunities among business leaders and creatives, thereby stimulating innovation and growth within the creative industry. A thriving creative economy is essential for the overall vibrancy and vitality of a city, and LAB Week seeks to be a catalyst for this by elevating the recognition and significance of the arts in Boston.

How does LAB Week contribute to developing a new microeconomy in Boston, especially within the creative and fashion industries?
LAB Week presents a unique opportunity for local businesses, entrepreneurs, and creatives to come together and showcase their talents, products, and services. This collaborative platform fosters innovation and creativity and creates networking opportunities that can lead to new partnerships and business ventures. In the context of the creative and fashion industries, LAB Week provides a stage for emerging designers, artists, and innovators to gain visibility and connect with potential customers, investors, and collaborators. This exposure can be instrumental in propelling their businesses forward and contributing to the growth of a vibrant and diverse microeconomy in Boston. LAB Week also offers valuable insights and knowledge-sharing, empowering individuals and companies to thrive in an ever-evolving market through workshops, exhibitions, networking socials, and panel discussions. The exchange of ideas and experiences during these events can fuel the development of new and innovative approaches to business and creativity, further enriching the local microeconomy. LAB Week has the potential to showcase talent within the creative and fashion industries and drive economic growth and diversity in Boston.

Following the success of the first Living Art Boston Week in 2023, what key takeaways or success stories have encouraged the team to continue and expand the event in 2024?
One of the most prominent takeaways from the event was the overwhelming positive feedback we received from both attendees and participants. The engaging and interactive nature of the events truly captured the essence of LAB and left a lasting impression on all involved. Additionally, we saw a significant increase in attendance throughout the week, indicating a growing interest in the concept of Living Art Boston within the Boston community. Furthermore, the successful partnerships and collaborations that were formed during the event have inspired us to continue exploring new opportunities for expansion and further community engagement in 2024. Overall, the resounding success of the first Living Art Boston Week has solidified our commitment to continuing and expanding the event in 2024. We are excited to build upon the momentum and further cultivate Boston’s thriving living art community.
We look forward to the continued growth and impact of Living Art Boston Week.

Tech professionals are mentioned as part of the audience. How are technology and innovation integrated into LAB Week, and what role do they play in shaping the future of the creative economy?
As we gear up for LAB Week, we want to address the important role that technology and innovation play in shaping the future of the creative economy. Tech professionals are at the forefront of technological advancements and can shape how we approach creativity and innovation in the digital age. LAB Week is a unique opportunity to showcase how technology is integrated into various aspects of the creative economy. Technology is revolutionizing how we create and consume creative content, from virtual reality and artificial intelligence to digital platforms and data analytics. Through LAB Week, we aim to explore the intersection of technology and creativity and how it is driving the future of the creative economy.

The invitation to collaborate and partner is extended to the audience. What criteria are considered when selecting collaborators, and how can potential collaborators align with the mission and values of LAB Week?
We are excited to invite you to collaborate, partner, and sponsor upcoming events at LAB Week. As we seek to expand our network and create impactful partnerships, there are specific criteria we consider when selecting collaborators to ensure a mutually beneficial relationship. First and foremost, we look for collaborators who share our mission and values. We prioritize organizations and individuals promoting innovation, education, and community engagement. Furthermore, we consider the expertise and resources that potential collaborators can bring to the table. We value partners who can offer unique perspectives, skills, and support to enhance the quality of our events and the overall experience for our audience. Suppose you are interested in collaborating with us. In that case, we are excited and open to discussing how to collaborate to create meaningful and impactful partnerships that benefit our audience and the wider community.