Survey of 975 Kendall Square Association Employees:

June 7 – July 13, 2021

The Barr Foundation Transportation Survey Topline Results

How often have you worked from home during each of the following time periods?

If given the option, how often would you prefer to work from home going forward as the state reopens from
the pandemic?

For Those Whom Work from Home is an Option:

Has your employer asked employees for feedback on a plan to return to the office?

Has your employer given employees a date to return to the workplace?

If Yes, Ask:

When has your employer said that most employees will be back in the workplace?

If No, Ask:

Even though you haven’t heard, when do you expect to return to the workplace?

Would you like to see your employer offer each of the following policies as they reopen?

Ask the Following of All Except Those That Worked From Home “Daily” Before the Pandemic Outbreak

Thinking back to before the COVID-19 pandemic (i.e. before March 2020), how often did you do each of the
following as part of your commute to work? (If you work multiple jobs, please answer thinking of the job for
which you commuted most often.)

Thinking ahead to your work commute when your office reopens after COVID, how often do you think you
will do each of the following? (If you work multiple jobs, please answer thinking of the job for which you
commuted most often.)

If a transit agency or shuttle operator took each of the following precautions, how comfortable would you be
commuting by transit as the state reopens?

Would you support the MBTA and other transit providers running trains and buses on a more consistent
schedule throughout the day (every 15 or 30 minutes) rather than more service in the morning and afternoon
and less during the middle of the day and at night?

Before the outbreak, did you own a monthly transit pass?

If Yes, Ask Next:

Was your pass subsidized in any way by your employer(s)? Please check all that apply.

Going forward, how likely are you to own a monthly transit pass, either purchased yourself or through your

How many cars does your household own or lease?

Since the start of the pandemic, did you buy, or are you considering buy, a first or additional car?

Does your employer(s) offer parking at work? If so, how is it paid for?

Since start of the pandemic have done any of the following? Check all that apply.