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Toast Drop

Toast Drop is the brainchild of Kendall Square Association, Graffito SP, and MIT-founded restaurant software company Toast. Sponsored by Google, Toast Drop leverages Toast technology and connects Kendall employees with local, independent restaurants.

Toast Drop allows Kendall employers, many of whom are on the front lines of COVID-19 testing and vaccine development, the opportunity to safely feed their staff with local food they love and flexibility they need. Toast Drop minimizes the risk of contamination by leveraging aggregated deliveries and offers employees benefits they haven’t been able to access since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

This is a program like no other. Where most third party operators charge a fee to restaurants and customers for their service, Toast Drop waives all fees. 

With winter right around the corner, our restaurants are suffering and need our support. Will you join us in standing with our local business community by bringing Toast Drop into your office? Contact Toast at to get involved.

Find your Toast Drop location!

“We’re grateful for the Toast Drop program as it gives another opportunity for local restaurants such as VESTER, to extend our product and services to the community. Given today’s circumstance, any chance to help small businesses is helpful and so appreciated.”

Nicole Liu, owner of VESTER Café

“The Toast drop service is a fantastic option for food in these socially distanced times. It is easy and free for companies to administer, a great service to staff and importantly supports local restaurants.  Thanks to KSA for establishing the program.”

Adam Thomas, Chief Human Resources Officer at Synlogic Inc.