(Re)Open for Business: An interactive discussion on supporting the local economy in Kendall Square

The meeting focused on the interconnectedness between Kendall companies and local restaurant and retail, and highlighted both a company and restaurant perspective on the challenges and opportunities in supporting the local Kendall Square economy.

This discussion featured:

  • Christina Abele (Senior Workplace Experience Director, IDEO)
  • Nicole Liu (Founder, VESTER)
  • Moderator: Jesse Baerkahn (KSA Board Member & President/Founder of Graffito SP)


October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month. This month’s Future of (how we) Work meeting featured Neil Jones, Director of CyberSecurity Evangelism at Egnyte. He focused on how to ensure your personal and professional digital information is secure from hackers.

MBTA Shutdown
September’s Future of (how we) Work meeting was held virtually on Zoom to convene KSA members and gain a greater understanding of how the MBTA shutdown is impacting Kendall Square. Members were invited to share employer-based efforts that have proven effective 20 days into the shutdown and share both individual and company practices that have emerged to adapt commutes into the area.

Transportation and Commuting

What are some barriers related to using different modes of transportation to commute to and from Kendall Square? To what extent are these barriers new due to the pandemic? And how does individual staff’s commuting impact companies’ ability to enforce their return to work policies? As companies continue to navigate the existing landscape of a new work culture, we explore the challenges and solutions related to transportation and commuting.

Building Effective Hybrid Teams

This meeting focused on sharing challenges and solutions related to the many component parts that enable a hybrid team to work effectively. This includes, among other things, executing a good meeting, creating collaborative experiences, and maintaining strong channels of communication among staff.

Staffing, Retention, and the Omicron Surge

As we launch into 2022, what are companies’ hiring and retention challenges? How has the Omicron surge complicated this? As the Great Resignation continues amidst the pandemic, staff in Kendall companies share their challenges and solutions for staffing and retention.