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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in Kendall Square

Together we can build a Kendall Square that thrives because of its diversity, where everyone has a chance to create and benefit from the science and technology that we build to solve global problems every day.

We have a lot of work to do to realize our potential as a truly diverse and inclusive community, and Kendall leaders are committed to making progress. At the KSA, we aim to provide additional resources for companies to enhance their DEI initiatives, including as our members-only program Inclusion Drives Innovation.

Inclusion Drives Innovation is a ten-week professional development program designed by and for Kendall Square Association members focused on building anti-racist organizations by activating a team of change agents. This program uses race as a foundation for learning. In America, race and racial relations are intractable issues – by centering this program’s work on designing programs and policies for people at the margins of society. With Inclusion Drives Innovation, participants learn to solve the problems of those in the greatest need, which in turn creates a positive impact for everyone using an inclusive and equitable frame of reference.

90% of graduates reported feeling more confident in both having anti-racist conversations in the workplace and in their ability to implement anti-racist action items. 

Inclusion Drives Innovation Registration

  • We recommend registering multiple participants from your organization to maximize impact. There is a $2,000 fee per participant and we offer a group rate discount of 10% for four or more seats.
    Inclusion Drives Innovation is a KSA member exclusive program.

Inclusion Drives Innovation History

In 2018, KSA featured the authors of the Globe Spotlight series on race in Boston at our annual meeting. After this event, we hosted a series of community conversations about racism in Kendall. In 2019 we launched our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Learning Community. This group of 17 leaders participated in a year-long learning journey, exploring their personal identities, assessing the culture of their organizations, and becoming empowered to expedite the rate of change in their organizations and our community. From this, we launched Inclusion Drives Innovation: a professional development program that offers leaders a forum to learn about and scale up anti-racist programs and policies that have meaningful impact.

Additional DEI Resources

There are a number of organizations that support, celebrate, and hold space for traditionally disenfranchised groups. Here are links to organizations whose work we respect.

Italian Trulli

News & Updates

Kendall Square will apply its innovation DNA to amplify a community that creates equity and addresses racial injustice by assessing, developing, and implementing policies, practices, and workplace cultures within the Kendall Square Community."

DEI Learning Community Vision Statement