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AI for Computational Design and Manufacturing

Fuel your organization’s ability to produce large volumes of highly integrated, complex, customized products by leveraging intelligent design and manufacturing strategies powered by the latest in artificial intelligence. In this highly interactive course, you’ll join a group of accomplished global peers to explore the latest smart manufacturing strategies and hardware, acquire customizable design templates, and participate in virtual product testing.

Participant Takeaways

– Learn how to develop an intelligent design and manufacturing workflow.
– Recognize the capabilities and limitations of current advanced manufacturing hardware.
– Enhance your ability to use AI tools for optimizing manufacturing processes and workflow designs.
– Increase your understanding of geometric representations for digital manufacturing.
– Explore how to automatically mass-customize designs.
– Learn how to predict design performance using virtual testing, numerical simulation, and AI methods.
– Delve into performance-driven design workflow, as well as principles of generative and inverse design.
– Design objects using topology optimization methods.
– Acquire experience designing and optimizing objects across multiple domains.
– Design and build a data-driven (machine learning) model.
– Master principles of numerical optimization techniques.

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Registration Deadline: Jun 27, 2021