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Beyond IoT: Sensory Intelligence & Smart Technology

Amidst rapid technological advancements, the internet of things is transforming the way we live and work. In our nine-week Beyond IoT: Sensory Intelligence & Smart Technology program, participants will explore real-life case studies and the latest research in order to deepen their understanding of the digital tools that are enabling a new generation of sensors—including fundamental sensing, computing, and communication software technologies.

Key Takeaways

– Be able to assemble, create, specify embedded and IoT+ systems and sensors where hardware and software interact.
– Be able to specify and select commercially available kits or components. – Design IoT+ products using hardware and software. – Solve data science problems using modern machine learning techniques.
– Devise solutions for industrial cases (transport, healthcare, and agriculture, etc.) using IoT+.
– Learn how to build complete systems that include hardware and software, and about modern, exciting hardware prototyping platforms early in your career.
– Design and deploy telecommunication networks for IoT+ use cases.
– Use sensors, sensing technologies, and embedded systems in the context of IoT+.
– Apply the theory behind the IoT+ to construct real applications and improve them using smart technologies.