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Designing Tomorrow’s Cities – Online Course at MIT Professional Education

Work with industry and government professionals across a range of disciplines to explore innovative urban design solutions—and enhance your ability to integrate the latest sensor and actuator architecture and other cutting-edge technologies into the built environment.

Designing Tomorrow’s Cities is a three-day intensive workshop that will teach participants to design and synthesize digital-based solutions and new experiences for future cities and human environments. The workshop will cover topics such as

The utilization of IoT and A.I. in the development of new types of urban infrastructure systems, experiences, and services.
Understanding a variety of big data projects and visualizations as showcases of how to decode hidden large scale patterns in cities.

Perform guided design-thinking of new types of digitally based urban services and platforms.

Participants will learn about cutting-edge research and technology being developed at the Senseable City Lab –one of the world’s leading research centers on the topic of smart cities– related to the understanding and designing of the cities of tomorrow.