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Digital Transformation, Value Creation, and Breakthrough Innovation

Led by innovation and design-thinking experts, this dynamic, three-day course Digital Transformation, Value Creation, and Breakthrough Innovation, features case study discussions, interactive lectures, and hands-on exercises. By focusing on a unique framework, organizational self-assessment, and innovation-centric process, you’ll discover how to develop breakthrough innovations, gain valuable insights into consumers’ needs, and influence key stakeholders.

Participant Takeaways
– Leverage the power and potential of digital technologies—in particular, AI/machine learning, IoT, and robotics—to drive business transformation and create value
– Apply advanced Design-Thinking techniques to create breakthrough innovations
– Understand and manage the complex network of stakeholders involved in any project
– Conceive new user experiences in areas where there is no prior solution to leverage
– Overcome organizational obstacles and gain the traction to drive implementation
– Build a business that fosters mutually beneficial partnerships to create robust ecosystems, develop new products, and enhance the user experience

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