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Graduate Student Talk: Madeline Moore

Join Madeline Moore, a doctoral student in MIT’s interdepartmental Microbiology program, for a conversation with a new perspective on the work of Gilberto Esparza.

In this talk, Madeline will discuss the diversity of microbial metabolism, such as the electricity generating metabolism that powers the microbial fuel cells in “Plantas autofotosinthĂ©ticas,” as well as the importance of microbial communities in maintaining ecosystem functions. She will present parallels from her research in bacterial directed evolution that mirror Gilberto Esparza’s work, exploring the intersection of technology and the natural world to highlight the value of thoughtful bio-inspired design.

This will be a hybrid event with a live video that can be streamed via our Facebook page at 5:30 PM.

  • Date

    February 23, 2023 5:30 pm – 6:00 pm

  • Location

    MIT LIst Visual Arts Center
    20 Ames St. Bartos Theatre, Cambridge, MA, United States

  • Cost