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Leadership & Innovation

Our eight-week Leadership & Innovation online program merges the development of leadership skills with the vision needed to address the innovation process within an organization. In this dynamic course, you will learn to lead from self-knowledge and creativity, and enhance your ability to build teams and organizations with a culture of innovation.

Key Takeaways:

– To follow the path from creativity and the sprouting of an idea all the way to that idea’s execution and adoption in a company.

– To develop, from a leader’s perspective, strategies, cultures, and structures that encourage creativity and innovation.

– To deepen the knowledge of each person’s individual leadership style and the impact it has on the group’s creativity and the encouragement of results-oriented innovation.

– To identify and define problems in an organization as a stimulus for creativity and innovation. – To create and lead high-performance teams within the culture of innovation.

– To develop an inspiring vision and motivate people to drive successful innovation processes.