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Experience the classic like never before in the Charles Hayden Planetarium!

Directed by Dr. Wendy Lippe, Macbeth is a fully reimagined immersive 3-D audiovisual experience. Using full-spectrum binaural panning and featuring original full dome visuals created by the Museum’s own planetarium team, we bring the story to life around the listener. With its globally inspired soundscape, this production of Macbeth also celebrates the timelessness of diversity in its creation and performance.

Delve deeply into the psyches of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth as they navigate their internal struggle between fear and desire, preservation, and power.

After the performance, join Dr. Wendy Lippe, producing artistic director and clinical psychologist, for a conversation at the intersection of theater and mental health.

About The Psych Drama Company-
The Psych Drama Company’s mission is to examine theatrical works through a psychological lens. They are a theater company that produces powerful, thought-provoking, immersive theater. They do this with an emphasis on bringing theater artists and mental health professionals together in the mounting of productions. While every production is different, they have had psychologists, psychiatrists, and social workers consulting on all phases of the process including casting, character development and character arcs, text analysis, the rehearsal process, and the post-show discussions after every performance.

They use theater to explore the strengths and failings of the human psyche and encourage audience members to reflect on their thoughts, feelings, actions, and relationships. Their use of classic dramatic works is an exceptional tool for the exploration of the internal landscape of the human soul.

  • Hosted By

    Museum of Science

  • Date

    July 20, 2023 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm

  • Location

    Museum of Science
    1 Science Park, Boston, MA, 02114, United States