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Tribology: Friction, Wear, and Lubrication

Explore the latest innovations in the study of friction, wear, and lubrication, while acquiring the frameworks you need to solve practical manufacturing challenges. During this five-day course, you’ll take a deep dive into tribology trends and strategies, including those related to surface energy, elastic and elastoplastic deformation, and delamination at the microscale level. You’ll also learn to troubleshoot tribology problems and control friction and wear behavior.

Participant Takeaways
– Understanding the laws, mechanisms, and models of friction, wear, and lubrication — spanning nano, micro, meso, and macroscales
– Analyzing the mechanics of solid elastic and elastoplastic contacts
– Exploring the design of tribological surfaces and how to troubleshoot tribology problems
– Appreciating various modes of wear, including adhesive, delamination, fretting, abrasive, erosive, corrosive, oxidational (mild and severe), melt, and the wear-mechanism maps

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