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Understanding and Predicting Technological Innovation: New Data and Theory

Acquire the knowledge and frameworks you need to increase your pace of innovation and identify technologies that are poised for powerful disruption. Over the course of four half-days, you’ll explore the forces that are shaping the future of technology—and gain valuable strategies for applying data analysis and theory to technology investment and design decisions, including those involved in planning financial portfolios, research, and development portfolios, and public policy.

Participant Takeaways
– Developing an understanding of how large data sets at various levels of detail can be used to gain insight into the dynamics of technological innovation
– Learning how to compare the rate of progress of various technologies and products
– Understanding the state of the art in theories of technological innovation, and their utility for particular questions faced in private industry and the public sector
– Learning how to apply data analysis and theory to guide investment and design decisions
– Gaining insight on technological innovation-related decisions faced in designing financial portfolios, research and development portfolios, and public policy

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