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A History of Kendall Square

Kendall Orientation

Kendall Orientation is an interactive presentation highlighting the place and perspective that is Kendall by taking you on a virtual walkthrough of its past and present achievements and assets, followed by moderated networking to establish new connections.

Kendall’s origin story is one of happy accidents and intentional partnerships. Our “power of proximity” as we like to call it. Prior to the pandemic, Kendall collaborations were often a result of bump-ins on sidewalks and in restaurants.

With so much globally recognized talent in this small corner of the world, our community bursts with possibilities to engage on issues of import, to supercharge advances in human health, technology, and beyond.

But Kendall didn’t always look this way, during the Orientation we go through a timeline of our community and a glimpse at some exciting new development projects underway. We also want to provide you all with a cheat sheet of all that Kendall has to offer.

Orientation Schedule