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Kendall Square Association Membership

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Become a Member in 2021

We facilitate learning and collaborative problem solving, enable collective action, tell Kendall’s story of transformation, and connect the people changing the world. 

Join us in 2021 as we continue to collaborate and problem solve by leveraging the best of what our innovation community has to offer. 

Innovation happens when curiosity collides with knowledge and action. We provide critical connectivity and advocacy on the issues that matter most to you. From enabling real time peer learning and exchanges on the new challenges in workplace safety, childcare, and transportation to confronting racism and implementing diversity, equity, and inclusion pledges, our community has adopted next level collaborations to establish our ‘next’ normal and lead on the business community response to global challenges like COVID-19 and systematic racism. 

Together, Kendall is building a stronger future—just look at what we’ve done this year:

  • Build connective tissue in Kendall. From new employees to senior leaders, we help our members connect across Kendall Square to build critical collaborations and partnerships.
  • Champion change. From Diversity Equity and Inclusion to transportation, KSA empowers members to tackle issues that matter. 
  • Live up to our motto – The Future Lives Here. KSA collects, shapes, and distributes our community success stories to promote Kendall’s groundbreaking work globally.

Maximize your Membership

Maximize your membership in 2021 by participating in or sponsoring our programs below. Click “get involved” to fill out a short form and a KSA team member will reach out to you with the next steps.

Membership FAQs

Who is a member of the KSA?

The Kendall Square Association is made up of over 150 organizations across Kendall Square. From major employers like Biogen and Pfizer to local non-profit organizations, local restaurants and retailers, and start ups. To view a full list of KSA membership visit our online directory.

How much does membership cost?

Membership dues are an annual expense set to the calendar year and are determined by the size and sector of your organization. Email us at for information on membership dues. 

What are membership benefits?

While the entire Kendall community stands to benefit from the work that we do, KSA members have exclusive access to virtual events and programs throughout the year including our Inclusion Drives Innovation program. To view, a full list of events and programs visit our events calendar