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Kendall Collaborations

Kendall’s culture and identity are driven by collaboration — how can we share information, work together, and support each other and our community during this fluid and unsettling time?

Our focus is to arm our members with the tools and resources you need to continue to push the boundaries of innovation and support your employees.

That said, we want to be sure you know that we are here for you and want to hear more about your experience and the ways that we can work creatively together to innovate the way we do business at this challenging time. 

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Connecting with Cambridge

Here at the KSA, we’re on a journey to understand how best to identify solutions to Kendall’s Greatest Challenges by connecting with our City leaders and the broader Cambridge community.

With the Cambridge City Council election on November 2nd, the Kendall Square Association invites you to hear from 16 candidates along with members of the Kendall community about some of our most pressing societal issues and what motivates us to keep working towards innovative solutions.

Community Impact

As the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard ramps up its efforts to increase the number of students, especially those from underrepresented populations, entering and succeeding in STEM careers, the KSA wants to showcase some of their engaging programming that connects thousands of Cambridge Public School students with Broad scientists.

Last year, Google announced its Third Decade of Climate Action and amongst several commitments, shared a goal to help 1 billion people make new sustainable choices through its core products by 2022. On October 6th, the company launched a suite of new consumer products and tools focused on sustainability to help meet that goal. 

The Kendall Square Association has created a Restaurant Relief Fund with the goal of raising $100,000 to support family owned restaurants in Kendall Square. All funds raised will be used to purchase batches of gift cards from these restaurants which will be distributed to Kendall employees and residents during morning commuting hour pop events this fall.

The Kendall Square Challenge heightens connectivity among the hottest life science and tech companies as teams spend an afternoon competing in physical, intellectual, and community-based missions across Kendall Square to support local non-profits. 

Kendall Insights

Our leaders are connecting, pivoting and problem solving to drive real change, reinforce community, and support those most vulnerable.

I would like Kendall Square to be a place that never forgets the source of its strength: a great system of mutual inspiration, support, and collaboration. Stretching from fundamental science all the way to practical impact, it is a system that embraces absolutely everyone...We saw that system at work in the most beautiful way with the development of the COVID vaccines…If we want Kendall to thrive in the long run – to be self-renewing – and to live up to its potential, we must always remember that our strength lies in treasuring that whole creative system.” – MIT President Rafael Reif

“The COVID-19 crisis has shown us much about our society, not the least of which is exactly how critical health and nutrition are, in times both normal and extraordinary. This experience has given new importance to Bayer’s vision: “Health for all, hunger for none.” And in order to achieve this vision, we have truly showcased our flexibility as a company and an industry, changing the way in which we work, on multiple levels, throughout our sites. I also believe that this pandemic has highlighted to our society the importance of collaboration. This crisis has presented challenges that individual companies cannot fix. As a result, biotech companies are now partnering with the government to make new public/private partnerships which will help get us the vaccines and therapies needed now and for a healthier future.” – Chandra Ramanathan, Global Head, Pharma R&D Open Innovation, Bayer