Try Seasonal Dishes

Drop by Clover Food Lab for their delicious seasonal veggie sandwich, packed with New Orleans-style relish, a handful of spinach, and caramelized parsnips. Kendall’s new DIG location also offers a healthy menu of fresh farm greens, featuring a bowl of pot-roasted vegetables and a sweet beet salad with goat cheese.

Refreshments for a Sunny Day

Looking to sip spring flavors? Cambridge Brewing Company now offers a full-bodied red lager, a refreshing ale for warmer weather. In addition to their spring menu, the Smoke Shop BBQ also unveiled a seasonal selection of cocktails, like the floral mystery drink called “Bloom” and a zesty pomegranate sangria.

Order Ahead for Holiday Favorites

Spring holidays are just around the corner! Check out Mamaleh’s Passover catering menu for delicious dishes to pre-order (we’re eyeing the marble cheesecake with a walnut crust.) Or celebrate the occasion with Tatte Bakery’s fun, family-friendly DIY kit for Matzoh and Easter egg cookies!