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Kendall Square is unique, and shaped by the organizations and the people who work, learn, and connect here. We want the world to know what happens here. We use our voice to amplify your work building a better future.

KSA Blogs

      @KendallNow Newsletters

      Our focus at the KSA has always been on the people who make up the vibrant fabric of this neighborhood. Every week, we share Kendall updates and incredible stories. Our @KendallNow newsletter works to embody the magic of Kendall Square–so we keep you connected to leading innovations, events, and each other.

      Meet some of the people in Kendall Square who are leading, pivoting, and problem solving to drive real change.  

      Member Spotlights

      On the Record

      The KSA connects with the media regularly about topics impacting KSA members and Kendall Square holistically. Topics include transportation, sustainability, workforce development, innovation and economic news. Here are recent stories featuring the KSA and its Executive Director, Beth O’Neill Maloney.