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Bioprocess Data Analytics and Machine Learning

Get more from your bioprocess data. In this intensive, three-day course, designed specifically for scientists and engineers in the biopharma industry, you’ll explore best practices for translating biopharmaceutical manufacturing data into reliable models and better decisions. Working with academic and industry experts, you’ll acquire strategies for improving manufacturing accuracy, enhancing regulatory efficiency, and refining bioprocess operations.

Participant Takeaways
– Apply new sensor technologies relevant to biopharmaceutical manufacturing processes, such as spectral imaging and real-time color video
– Understand major classes of data analytics and machine learning methods relevant to bioprocess operations
– Systematically interrogate bioprocess data to ascertain characteristics (such as nonlinearity, multicollinearity, and dynamics)
– Select among the best-in-class data analytics methods based on the objective and data characteristics
– Summarize ways to combine data-driven models with mechanistic understanding
– Avoid common pitfalls when analyzing bioprocess data

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