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Public Innovation Trail Tour

Proof that history is not just for the past! From anti-aging technology to gene editing, the newest discoveries coming out of Cambridge are building on the historical inventions of things as diverse as woven fire hoses and the microwave oven. Guides from TripAdvisor’s #1 attraction in Cambridge will do their best to blow your mind as we invite you to explore the history-makers working in Kendall Square right now. See which of today’s cutting-edge discoveries will be in the history books of the future.

Walk past Google, Microsoft, The Broad Institute, Novartis, Akamai, and a myriad of other Info- and BioTech giants. Discover the bridge builders that shaped East Cambridge and watch inquiring minds at work unzipping the secrets of our genes, our brains, and occasionally terrifying leaps in the world of AI. Walk in the shadow of the confectioners who invented Junior Mints and the Fig Newton, and see where MIT students have played gigantic games of Tetris, parked emergency vehicles at incredible heights, and still found time to invent both Guitar Hero and a biomechatronic foot. Plug yourself into the history being made every day on our Innovations Trail Tour in Kendall Square.

  • Hosted By

    Innovation Trail

  • Date

    September 28, 2024 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm

  • Location

    Boston Marriott Cambridge
    50 Broadway, Cambridge, 02139, 1