Performance and Talent Management in Hybrid Work Settings

How can we recognize the accomplishments of individual contributors in an equitable way regardless of whether they are working from home, in the office, or in a hybrid setting? This question has been top of mind for many leaders in Kendall Square lately.

Vaccine Mandates

The Biden’s Administration’s mandate for all employers with 100+ employees to require a vaccine or offer weekly testing is news that continues to shift our world. During this meeting we unpacked how this is affecting organizational plans.

Closing the Divide in Hybrid Work

We’ve all been carefully monitoring the spread of the Delta COVID-19 variant across the U.S. in the last couple of months, and that alone, has highlighted the need for us to remain flexible. The session’s focus was addressing a few critical questions many organizations face as they prepare for a return to the office. How can we build consensus among the workforce around WFH expectations? How can we create inclusivity and connectivity in a hybrid work environment?

Returning to Work

This meeting used survey data from Kendall organizations to begin a conversation about how Kendall Square is welcoming back people to the office in healthy and welcoming ways.

Making Flexible Work Work Through Thick & Thin

How can we continue to make our businesses flexible places to work for everyone?

Flexible work is something we’ve had a lot of practice in and feel comfortable doing to some extent, but at the same time, it seems like it’s a nut we still can’t crack as evidenced by last month’s feedback about wanting to discuss more topics related to flexible and hybrid work structures and policies. Peter Hirst, Senior Associate Dean of Executive Education at MIT Sloan School of Management, first implemented a flexible work from home policy for his MIT team in 2016 which has continued to present day.

Business Continuity During a Pandemic

What can we do to ensure safe and smooth business operations now and in the future?

This session takes the topics we’ve been talking about in past Future of Works and integrates them as part of a single cohesive plan that could provide some source of stability during future unexpected events and catastrophes. This will not be the last pandemic we encounter. The unexpected will happen and the more that we and our teams can be prepared, the better off we are.
* assets from Ron’s presentation are available below

Met on April 27, 2021

Vaccines & Population Health

As our country moves forward in recovery, what questions should we be asking ourselves in the long and short term about the health of our employees?

There is still much uncertainty about how to navigate a process as complex as vaccinations, especially when we take into consideration different people’s perspectives and experiences. Today, we are going to explore how one organization is tackling these questions and how they are helping employers rethink the way they take care of employee’s health and well-being.

Met on March 16, 2021

Change Management

As we transition into an evolving hybrid workplace, what are the trends we’re seeing and what mindsets should we be cultivating to set our people and organizations up for success?

During our eleventh Future of Work meeting, we explored cutting edge thinking on change management and discussed how we are preparing our people for what comes next. We were joined by a local expert, friend and fellow Cantabrigian, Dr. Camille Preston who specializes in developing capacity in executive leaders equipping them with the tools and perspectives needed to build the trust, transparency, new systems and bandwidth to help teams work more efficiently together.

Met on February 23, 2021